Alejandro Fino

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Bleach w/ Carmel
Bleach w/ Steel

Design Notes

For date-night, or on stage there's no finer straw fedora that blends seamlessly into any ensemble. A timeless woven hat that says a friendly hello before you even say a word.


Our panama Straw is hand-woven in Ecuador, and made to be durable to last you a long while. Take it with you for any occasion … it will resist wear and tear when you carry it by the brim for a perfect, flawless appearance and fit. Every time. (Pro Tip: Don’t pitch the crown, or roll any Toquila/Panama straw hat. The appearance on your head would be more than noticeably "off".)


  • Bleach w/Caramel
  • 1 1/4" Black Ribbon Band
  • Brim: 3"
  • Crown: 4"